On Monday night there was a violent clash at the Indo-China border in eastern Ladakh that left 20 Indian Army officials dead. Reports suggest that there have been losses on the Chinese side too, with Indian intercepts stating that there have been 43 casualties including those who have died or been seriously injured.

The situation has since triggered tremendous criticism in India. 'Boycott China' and/or 'Boycott Chinese products' protests rage, and many have taken to social media platforms to vent their ire.

Against this backdrop, Taiwan and Hong Kong seem to be rather cheerful about the situation. The two territories -- both considered by China to be associated with it -- have a tenuous relationship with the country, and India's actions appear to have found favour from some quarters. Taiwan News even put up an article titled Photo of the Day: India’s Rama takes on China’s Dragon’.



‘India’s Rama takes on China’s Dragon’: Taiwan News’ unique ‘photo of the day’

‘India’s Rama takes on China’s Dragon’: Taiwan News’ unique ‘photo of the day’


But even as those in foreign lands appeared to laud India, netizens were rather vexed by the reaction of an Indian publication. In times of crisis it is perhaps necessary to come together to present an united front -- something that Kolkata-based The Telegraph seems to have missed the memo about.

"Deadly Price of Denial" screamed the primary headline. Below that alongside the news article was a smaller, yet far more tone deaf, second headline that paraphrased an earlier quote by Prime Minister Modi to add, "Hamare ghar mein ghus ke maara".

This, in case you were wondering is an adaptation of a March 2019 comment made by the Prime Minister during a rally. In a warning to terrorist organisations, Modi had said at the time that our principle was, "hum ghar mai ghus kar maarenge".

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