My wonderful memories with Father Carlos Dias


It had been only two years since our school

started karate and our father took charge as

a principal of our school. One fine day I went

to his office to meet him, I was quite nervous

and had thousands of thoughts about how

the new principal is. He askedme what I do?

I teach karate and kickboxing in your school

was my answer. He waited and asked me

another question What else? Photography

was my second answer. He wanted to know

me more and asked me another question.

I answered I'm a professional artist in the

advertising field. And what else? He asked

me another question.

I quietly answered him that I am a  Software

and Hardware Engineer. When he heard that

statement a smile came up on his face,

he asked me to come in his  computer room

where his computer had stopped working,

I immediately repaired his computer. I think

he was happy about it and complimented

that I was multi-talented, and thereafter

our friendship.


In 2004, Father Carlos invited me to come to

his home to Goa with my whole family.

I was very happy because these days were

the golden days of my life. Father Carlos first

took us to Hindu temples of Goa, then to the

churches in Goa which were along the coast.

He had been so nice to us and we got to know

about dignity towards relationship and



I had learnt a lot from him since last

seventeen years. He always took time from

his busy schedule and  encouraged and

wished to luck to students. Due to his

hardwork and true dedication he brought

our school in top 10 position. Students

worked brilliantly under his guidance in 

academics with getting 100% result and went

to district, states, nationals and international

level. The students of this school also

performed brilliantly at district, division, state,

national and international level.  We are

fortunate to have you in this world of

competition. If there are principals like you in

every school then that day is not far where

every student will have true  sportsman spirit

and dedication towards goal.


We wish u Good Luck and Prosperity in Future.


                  Shihan Umesh G. Murkar 6TH DAN IBF

President:Shito Ryu Sports Karate & Kickboxing Asso

General Secretary : Mumbai City Kickboxing Asso.

Tech.Director : Amatuer Sports Shito Ryu Karate Organization of India 

 Mob : 9820476105 




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